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Cel-Scope-3D is a powerful suite of video test and measurement systems running entirely in software under MS Windows 7 or XP

The system  has all display and measurement features of with many additional modes for left/right comparison and stereo assessment. The software operates with any live capture card or device source such as HDMI, HD-SDI, SDI or HDV. In addition it can work with file sources in most any format and stereo configuration.



    Live 3D Analysis Displays

  • Full scene depth map

  • Depth budget histogram

  • Vertical disparities Histogram

  • Vertical disparities map

  • Depth Chart in Real-Time- multiple timebases

  • Depth Spectrogram - multiple timebases

  • Zoned region of interest disparity analysis

  • Live Readout of disparity for both negative and positive extremes

  • Direct readout for Vertical error, rotation and scale disparities

  • Alarms for excess disparity

    Live 3D Image Displays

  • Anaglyph 3D in any colour separation scheme

  • Anaglyph stereo in monochrome

  • Wiggle/flicker mode

  • Anaglyph stereo in any separation scheme

  • Anaglyph stereo in monochrome

  • Various split picture modes in colour or mono

  • Checkerboard

  • Diagonals

  • Left-Right

  • Right-Left

  • Left+Right

  • Percentage grid - any %

  • Monochrome or colour

  • Live Video Displays f
    or each channel left/right

  • Video Waveform      

  • Video Vectorscope 

  • YRGB Histograms 

  • RGB Parades

  • YUV Parades

  • Gamut Display 

  • Picture Monitor in Luma/R/G or B etc

  • RGB Images                

  • Luminance only

  • Separate picture monitors with any cage/graticule option

  • For combined left/right

  • Anaglyph stereo in any separation scheme

  • Anaglyph stereo in monochrome

  • Various split picture modes in colour or mono

  • Left/Right difference colour or mono

  • Left/Right overlay

  • Colour balance vectors

  • Video Waveform      

  • Video Vectorscope any graticule 

  • Stereo Disparities 

  • Special Features

  • Custom preset buttons

  • Alarms for depth budget or any parameter set

  • White Balance measurements

  • Pixel picker check

  • Output to HDMI, HD-SDI or DVI in any stereo format
       for external monitoring on 3D device or projection

  • Audio

  • Up to 16 channel monitoring

  • Audio bars levels any scale

  • Surround sound in 5.1 GMO display

  • Audio spectrograms

  • Custom audio preset buttons

  • Audio waveforms like oscilloscope



All this and a lot more is available in Cel-Scope3D right now!
If there is something else we may not have listed yet you would like
then please post your extra wishes here......







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