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keeping a eye on your image quality
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PC Workstation Requirements
Operating System
Windows XP (any), Vista (any) or Windows 7, 8 (any) 32 or 64 bit versions
Server versions of windows generally don't have required graphic card support installed
MAC-OS not supported (sorry) except via bootcamp
Quad Core (or more x6, x8) CPU Intel i7  Sandybridge 3960, 3930, 3960X, 3820, 2700K,2600K
or previous series 950, 970,940,980X etc, Xeon X5670
i3, i5 or core Duo processors will run but not recommended, they will be significantly slower on any HD media
Graphics card

if two cards are present in the system
then even better
Must be NVidia, Kepler or Fermi based design preferred eg:
GTX-TITAN, GTX780, GTX680,GTX580, GTX570, GTX560, GTX480, GTX470, GTX480M, GTX590, GTX 690
Quadro 4000, 5000, 6000, 5000K

also suitable but slower:
GTX260, GTX275 etc.
see a graphics card perfomance list (but ignore ATI models) here
We prefer GTX cards made by PNY,ZOTAC or ASUS*: avoid MSI cards
note: latest NVidia drivers must be installed details from here
System memory (RAM)
3GB or more as fast as possible for motherboard / processor combination used.
Hard Disk
500Mb. Free hard-disk space
Capture cards
For dual stream 3D, any pair or dual input car with WDM/DirectShow drivers

Dual Stream Cards supported with special 3D interfaces:
Blackmagic decklink extreme 3D+
Bluefish444 Epoch 2K Horizon
Bluefish444 SuperNova

For multiplexed 3D ie Side-by-side, top bottom or interlace, then only one input needed:
AJA Kona 3 (consult their site for DirectShow drivers)

Blackmagic decklink studio 1 or 2 required
Blackmagic decklink duo
Blackmagic decklink quad
Blackmagic intensity (HDMI input) 1 or 2 required
Blackmagic UltraStudio Pro or SD (USB3 port) (only one per system works)
Deltacast only (one required for Dual-Stream)
2 x Any IEEE Firewire port can be used but 2nd port must be on second card/controller)
Display Monitor(1)
Primary monitor can be as small as 1024 x 768
larger sizes to 1920 x 1080/1200 or above are preferable
Display Monitor(2) optional
  on 2nd port of graphics card
Can be same as the primary monitor or larger or smaller.
Alternatively can be 3D type in interlaced mode such as Zalman, JVC,
Hyundai passive 3D monitors.
Alternatively, 3D picture output available on HD-SDI or HDMI via capture card if port or extra card makes this available. 2D
output monitor also availalbe in this mode.
No specific CEL-SOFT recommendations, but check with capture card manufacturers' recommendations.
Check there are enough PCIe slots for the capture cards to be used bearing in mind the
GTX680, 580 or most Quadro graphics cards occupy a double slot.
*Some ASUS GTX580 versions need 3 slots!