Reel-Check Solo
keeping an eye on your image quality
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keeping a eye on your image quality
High performance QC analysis
DESKTOP PC QUALITY CONTROL, File based or live media
QC and monitoring software with full logging facilities 

n     SD & HD media files in most formats & TV standards
n     Playback with video, audio, waveforms and error reporting
n     Log reports with timecode and thumbnails
n     Multiple displays of video, audio and surround sound
n     Works with capture devices or cards for live sources
n     Checks for broadcast illegal gamut, letterbox, pillar-box etc
n     32+ different video & audio test performed simultaneously
n     Scans media files faster than real-time
n     User customizable displays and report options
n     Option for PSE flashing testing to Ofcom / REC BT1702 guidelines
Reel-Check is a suite of programs that run on a performance Windows PC without special hardware. The Solo version is intended for individual desktop use. It performs a complete set of quality control tests on any audio/video media content.  Any excursions outside the user set  test parameters  are logged with associated timecodes and detail notes together with a thumbnail images in  easy to read, RTF-formatted reports.
System can display on any size of monitor or laptop screen. The displays can extend on to two or monitors or more. Infinite scalability and configurable presets for each user.
System options Display options
Reel-Check Solo is available either as a turn-key system or as a software package to run on a PC workstation, laptop or rack-mount server.
All most any capture device with WDM drivers can be used for live video inputs or coupling to an edit / correction system and the Solo also works off-line from file media in many different formats.

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